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Kochville Fire Department History as of December 1, 2004

In approximately 1971, John Stanley's home in Century Park caught fire, and spread to other houses and part of the woods. Nancy Collisi, who lived a few doors, down called the Sheriff's Dept. and reported the fire. At that time, the Tittabawassee Township Fire Dept. responded, as they were under contract with Kochville Township to provide fire protection. The response time was over 30 minutes. The neighbors in the Century Park subdivision started a petition to form a fire dept for the Township of Kochville.

Township Supervisor Albert Trautner and resident Mike Hoffman began to explore the creation of a fire dept. In early 1973 members of the Kochville Township Board of Trustees began seeking residents of the township who might be interested in becoming firefighters. Supervisor Albert Trautner's goal was to respond to fire within six minutes. The first organizational meeting was held in March 1973 at the old Township Hall located at the corner of Mackinaw Rd. and Kochville Rd. Approximately 30 township residents attended.

On September 5, 1973, the Township Board Supervisor-Al Trautner, Clerk-Tom Burger, Treasurer-Rich Zoellner-, Trustee-Harold Wieck, and Trustee-Edward Davis allocated $8498.00 in federal revenue-sharing funds to start training citizens as firefighters.

A meeting was scheduled with representatives from the Saginaw County Firefighters Association to explain mutual aid, etc. At this meeting the fire officers were elected; Fire Chief Walt Oldeck, Asst. Chiefs Dale Mikolaiczik and Warren Collisi, Captains Al Behmlander and Jerry Davis, Lieutenants Mike Burger and Rick Denute. Many meetings were held with Fire Chief Bob Eggar from Carrollton Fire Dept. for his guidance.

The township hired Captain Tom Kaiser from the City of Saginaw Fire Department to train the firefighters. Trainings were started in the summer of 1973 on the second Tuesday night and fourth Thursday night of the month. Trainings continue on today every third Tuesday.

Originally Arthur Griffore donated two buildings in the 7000 block of N. Michigan to be used as the fire barn. The township decided it would cost too much to renovate. The township owned land in the 5800 block of Mackinaw and hired RC Hendricks to construct a fire barn for approx. $18,000.00.

On November 6, 1990, the citizens of Kochville Township approved a five-year one mil "Public Safety Equipment Tax Proposal" was passed and used for an addition to the old fire barn.

Through the years we had four fire chiefs: Walter Oldeck, 9/73-5/89, Warren Collisi 6/89-7/92, Gene Bauer 8/92-6/97, and currently Mike Burger 7/97-present.

Today, the Kochville Township Fire Department proudly protects an area of 18 square miles containing a residential population of approximately 3214 people as well as 200 plus businesses. Kochville Township is home to Saginaw Valley State University with a population of 9000 plus students with 1400 living on campus. Our current ISO rating is 8 and 6. We are part of the North Tender Task Force of Saginaw County. The Kochville Township Fire Station is also a sub station for Saginaw Co. Sheriff Department, Michigan State Police, and Mobile Medical Response (MMR). Our firefighters are paid on call and in 2003 the firefighters began to provide limited rescue services to the community. The fire dept. maintains a web site @ www.kochvillefire.com.

Kochville Township Fire Department Logo In 2002, The firefighters voted to create the Kochville Fire Fighters Association. The first elected officials were Kevin Srnek-President, Jerry Davis-Vice President, Matt Uptmor-Treasurer, Alan Malesky-Secretary and Paul Baldwin-Delegate. The Kochville Firefighters Association promotes fire prevention, and funds social activities.

Kochville Township Fire Department Group Picture

Back Row: Mike Comstock, Kevin Srnek, Paul Behmlander, Mike Burger, Al Malesky, Matt Uptmor, Dan Wiltse, Warren Collisi

Front Row: Jerry Davis, Todd Kwaiser, Travis McQuinn, Nick Birchmeier, Paul Baldwin Jr., Ryan Zissler, Tony Leuenberger, Alan Reinhardt, Barry Nelson, Martin Yancer, Trish Foerster

Missing: Dick Deshone, Adam Jamie, Paul Lagalo, Todd Madajski, Brandon Rose

Ed Allington, Gene Bauer, Corwin Cowles, Mike Davenport, Mike Davis, David Hammerbacher, Roy Hutter, Joe Karas, Bruce Leuenberger, Dennis Metiva, Dale Mikolaiczik, Walt Oldeck, Pete Rouech, Harvey Rugenstein, Don Schark, Gerry Taylor, Al Trautner, Joel Trautner, Mike Burger, Warren Collisi, and Robert Zoelner.

Al Behmlander, Roy Heritier, Richard Zoellner,

Mike Allington, Dan Bourdow, Jacki Burger, Gary Delavern, John Foulds, Matt Kartz, Cindy Redburn, Glen Schmidt, Lon Skutt, Gene Trachet, Fredd Wedding, Rob Weighman, Ron Weighman, Tom Deshone, Ronald Cooper, Kenneth Foerster, Tim Ellithorpe, Jorge Espinoza, Kevin Burger, Richard Jolin, Steve Hoffman, David Hoffman, James Brownlee, John Hoffman, Mark Hoffman, Felix Lagalo, Dennis Miller, Michael Rouech, John Stanley, and Rick Deneut.

Our first fire engine was delivered on October 10, 1974 on a Ford chassis. It had a John Bean 750gpm pump and a 750-gallon tank. It was purchased from the FMC Corporation for $35,273.00 fully equipped. It was decided to use a new lime-yellow paint color for better visibility at night. Our claim to fame is we were the first fire dept. in Saginaw Co. to use the new color of paint.

Our First Tanker was purchased form a farmer in Monitor Township; it was a used Chevrolet snub nose sugar beet truck. It was very unreliable; we always had to call in mutual aid for a water tanker. The water tank was a used underground fuel tank that was purchased from McCorkle Fuel Co.

Our first brush truck was donated to us by the DNR and carried 30 gallons of water. It was fabricated with cow stable dividers for roll bars.

Our fleet of apparatus today consists of a 2003 Pierce Quantum fire engine-7, 1500 GPM pump, 750-gallon water tank, and 30-gallon foam tank; 1988 Ford Quality fire engine-4, 1250 GPM pump and 1000-gallon tank; 1976 International Almont water tender-2, 500 GPM Pump and 1450-gallon tank; 1980 brush truck-3, 200gpm and 150-gallon tank; 1988 Ford Econoline squad-5; 1986 Chevy Brush/Utility truck-6 95gpm pump and 150gallon tank.

The first fire occurred on the second Friday of February 1974 at approximately 11:30pm. It occurred at a residential home owned by Kate Baker on the southeast corner of N. Michigan and Pierce Roads. The home was not occupied at the time and there was a small fire in the closet at the front of the house. We responded and pulled into the driveway like we were there for a visit. We ventilated the roof (on the wrong side) and began to throw water. It was below zero and the water was freezing as it hit the ground. Today the fire would have been put out with three gallons of water. We continued to spray water until there was around three feet of water in the cellar. Then the fire was declared out. The house was left standing-no rekindle occurred and we were mighty proud.

On October 3, 1976 at 1:57am, a church caught fire at the corner of Lawndale Rd. and Kochville Rd. This fire was one of our first arson fires. The structure was a total loss. The church was built in 1879.

On April 23, 1978, a welding accident started a fire in the maintenance garage at Champagne and Marx Excavating. It was a total loss. Approximate dollar loss of that day was $90,000.00. Mutual aid was given by Zilwaukee, Carrollton and Saginaw Township Fire Departments.

On April 28, 1980 at 3:30am a third shift worker at the Burger Chef restaurant noticed a fire. He went down the road to another restaurant to call 911. The call went to Saginaw Township Fire Dept. instead of Kochville Fire Dept. The caller told 911 there was a fire at Burger King instead of Burger Chef. The delayed action caused heavy damage to the restaurant. More than 40 firefighters responded from Kochville, Zilwaukee, and Saginaw Township fire departments.

On April 25,1985 at 12:19 am, Saginaw Valley State College had nine wood mobile trailers that housed the administration offices which caught fire, they were fully involved upon arrival. The firefighters could see the flames from the fire station as they left. More than 40 firefighters responded from Kochville, Zilwaukee, Carrollton, and Frankenlust. An estimated loss of $380,000.00.

On March 11, 1989, Saturday afternoon around 3:30pm at the old Crane School house at the corner of Kochville and Hospital Roads. The structure was fully involved upon arrival. Tittabawassee responded with a Tanker.

On July 9, 2003, we responded to a fully involved two-barn fire at 1220 Kochville Rd. One of the barns was full of hay and the other housed horses. All the horses survived because of the quick and correct action of the barn's owner. Kochville was assisted by Zilwaukee, Carrollton, Saginaw Twp., Frankenlust and the Saginaw Co. North Tender Task Force. (Tittabawassee, Thomas, Richland and Jonefield-Lakefield fire depts.).